operation: obliteration

There is a lot at stake for the Royals this week.  Realistically, you’d hope they can win two out of three against the Cleveland Indians.  Bannister v. Lee is a tough matchup, but winnable if Bannister’s body is right.  Meche v. Carmona is a disappointingly even match from our vantage point until Meche gets things figured out again.  But Greinke v. Reyes?  Shoot.  That’s easier than shooting wamp rats in Beggars’ Canyon back home.  

So 2 wins is the goal.  But let’s dream for a minute, because the Royals have a chance to do something against Cleveland that they haven’t had a chance to do to an AL Central opponent in a long time.  If the Royals can manage a sweep of Cleveland, it will effectively end the season for the Indians.  They would be buried 9.5 games back of KC in the standings, and stuck 14 games under .500.  Their fans would be calling into the postgame radio show Thursday evening brainstorming how they could offload their big-league talent for prospects.  It would be great.

But that takes a certain killer instinct that the Royals haven’t demonstrated over the past 10 days.  When they went to last-place Oakland, the should have smelled blood.  Same thing when last-place Baltimore showed up.  Instead, they got KO’d in the bay and had to get pretty dang lucky to win yesterday afternoon.   It highlights why the Tigers are the favorite to win the AL Central right now.  They went into Oakland wielding their spanking stick and came out with three huge victories.  14-1, 9-1, 11-7.  That’s against a team that outscored the royals 19-5.  Not so bueno.

So we’ll see.  It’s nice to be in a position to deliver a knockout blow to a division rival in mid-May.  But we’ll need to seriously tighten the defense up this week, because yesterday was brutal.  It kinda felt like Callaspo was botching plays on purpose so that he can still rake but get the All-Star break off.  When Billy Butler puts in the strongest defensive performance for your team, things aren’t going well.  I understand he’s improved, but still.  

Oh, and even though the Royals don’t play today, we still have some work to do as fans.  We can root against the Wh*te Sox as they have an afternoon game against Toronto at 12:07pm.  And we can hope for a Swine Flu outbreak in the locker rooms at Yankee Stadium tonight so that both the Yanks and the Twins have to forfeit.  Otherwise, we’ll settle for rooting against the Twins (6:05pm, ESPN).

Go Blue


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