dissenting opinions: royals vs. indians previews

Not too much chatter around the internet about this series from the Cleveland side.  I think they’re pretty depressed about the way things are going.  Hopefully the Royals don’t give them any reasons to hope over the next three days.  But I did find:

  • An afternoon Indians linkdump for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer
  • A series preview for the Plain-Dealer.  Interesting that the picture they feature is of Grienke, even though he doesn’t pitch until Thursday.  Can’t blame them.  Dude is a stud.  
  • Must be strong contingent of Indians fans in Fort Wayne, IN.  Their paper has a preview.
  • The Indians have had quite the Revolving Door of players recently, which isn’t helping the psyche of the fans.
  • Buster Oleney gives the Royals a shoutout today, noting: The Royals are searching for more consistency on offense, writes Sam Mellinger, and some sources say if Kansas City starts looking for help, the Royals’ preference would be to add a shortstop (unless Mike Aviles starts to hit). What is not clear right now is how much financial flexibility the Royals will have, and whether they’ll be able to take on some salary. Here’s one indication that they might have a chance to add some salary: Attendance has increased by 16 percent at Kauffman Stadium.

There you go.  Head out to the park tonight.  Get your George Brett shirt.  Watch good baseball on a nice night.  Perfect.

Go Royals.


3 Responses to “dissenting opinions: royals vs. indians previews”

  1. jayhawkbrain Says:

    Yeah people! Buy 2 tickets so the Royals can afford a better SS. Quit being selfish!

    • True Blue Trooper Says:

      I don’t think they’re having any problems selling tickets. I went to exchange some of mine today for a different game, and the line was mad long.

  2. jayhawkbrain Says:

    Storm Troopers have to stand in line? Use some of those Imperial connections.

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