my hand in relation to the panic button

Panic Button

Last night before bed I tweeted, “I’ll sleep on it, but I’m getting ready to push the panic button on this season.”

I slept on it.  I’m not pushing the panic button.  But my hand is squarely on it and ready to bear down sometime over the next six days.  

After Tuesday’s game I was hopeful that the Royals had experienced a watershed moment on the season.  We all were.  But it doesn’t seem to be.  The team just wrapped up it’s third straight series against a last-place team, a stretch over which they won a grand total of three games.  Two of those they probably didn’t deserve to win, so we’re talking about one good performance over nine games.  Not good as we enter six straight against first place teams.

So it’s unlikely we are close to Detroit this time next week.  I want us to be.  I’ll be rooting for us to be.  But the Cards are hot, and both Detroit’s pitching and hitting are surging as the Royals experience breakdowns in each category.

You know, if the Royals were going to win the AL Central this year, things were going to have to fall perfectly for us.  Kinda like they did for the Rebel Alliance in Episode IV.  Go back and watch the Battle of Yavin.  The Rebels had to have the perfect strategy, and they had to execute well.  Avoiding turbo lasers.  Dodging TIE fighters.  Flying through narrow corridors without crashing into walls or eachother.  They even had to outwit Vader himself, and were only able to do so after Han Solo came in out of nowhere to save the day.

There’s still a chance things could break back our way.  I’m just saying a lot of stuff has to happen.  We need that infield glove.  We need Billy Butler to not have to make any great plays in key situations (though he has shown himself to be able to make good plays on a regular basis).  We need DeJesus to break out.  We need someone at the back of the rotation to step up.  And we need Soria to come back so that the rest of the bullpen guys can fill their appropriate slots.

Oh, and we could use the Tigers faltering down the stretch.

It could happen.  But I’m playing the probabilities and keeping my hand over the panic button for a while.

and part II


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