separation anxiety

A lot of my optimism about this season was predicated on the premise that there was little to differentiate the teams in the AL Central.  All were flawed and relatively equal, so the Royals had a puncher’s chance.  Just looking at the rosters and last year’s performance, it made sense.

That isn’t reality at this point.  Detroit is the class of the division.  I know, I know.  It’s strange to put “Detroit” and “class” in the same sentance.  But this week they demonstrated that they own the Royals, except on the days when the best player in baseball takes the mound for KC.  They can hit.  They can pitch.  They can field.  Nice combo, there.  Not that they are an elite team right now, but they have clearly separated themselves from the pack in the Central.  Things can change.  Just about every week on Petro’s show, Jayson Stark predicts that the Tigers old age will catch up with them and they’ll break down at some ponti this season.  But that’s not something we can count on.  

The challenge for the Royals with this series against the Wh*te Sox is to prove that they are part of the “middle three” of this division.  For the last few years, the Royals have been the dunce of the group.  This year, they have a chance to hang around in the middle and not get dusted by the rest of the pack.  Granted, it’s hard to do that when you drop home games to division foes, as we’ve done in 4 of our last 6 home games against AL Central opponents. 

My hope is that Banny and The Don come out nasty.  The crowds will be big this weekend, which should give the boys a pick-me-up.  If things break right (and by “right”, I mean “Meche doesn’t go out there and completely melt down on Saturday night), we could separate ourselves from the stupid Sox.  That would be huge, and would keep this homestand from ending a complete disaster.


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