May 18, 2009

As far as I can tell, I’m the only Imperial Stormtrooper that is also a Royals fan.  Most are Yankees fans, which is very annoying.  After years of hiding my true baseball allegiance, I’m taking my fanaticism and putting it on display for everyone to see and read.

Go Royals.

Don’t expect this to be your typical baseball blog.  Stormtroopers aren’t that smart.  If we were smart, we’d be Jedi.  I don’t know much about PECOTA, ERA+ or any of the other specialty stats that make baseball intelligensia tick.  Rany, Mellinger and others (over on the side bar) can explain that stuff much better than I can.  I read them all the time because it’s highly educational and helps me better understand my team, but I won’t try to be them.  

What I will be is a fan.  And I’ll help you do the same.  We can share tips on how to talk trash to opposing teams when they come to the K.  We can take a look around the internet and see what other fans and analysts are saying about their teams.  We can have a lot of fun.  

In the process I also plan on giving you a little window into the life of a Stormtooper.  And I’ll try to let my natural humor shine through.

Now there’s a shocker for ya’ .  I bet you didn’t know we Stormtroopers have a great sense of humor.  Yeah, George Lucas totally edited all of our jokes from of the movies.  Sucked all our personality out and led people to believe that we are just crusty characters with no penchant for the funny haha.  And now everyone think that Wookies and Ewoks are just a joy to behold.  Well let me tell you something.  Ewoks are little divas, akin to overgrown lapdogs.   And Wookies are just big oafs with absolutely zero intelligence.  No way a Wookie could copilot the millineum falcon in real life.  That was all camera tricks and special effects voodoo.

So there you have it.  Royals and Star Wars.  Feel free to chime in, because it’s way more fun to be a fan when you have friends out there.  And who knows?  Perhaps we’ll run into each other some night out at the K.  We could buy each other a libation.  Just make sure mine has a straw.  This mask doesn’t have very big drink holes.  

Go Blue.


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May 17, 2009

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