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good thing i got ice cream

May 20, 2009

The first eight innings of that game last night were brutal for all Royals fans.  BRUTAL.  Finally the 9th rolled around, the lady stormtrooper looked at me and asked if I’d be willing to go get ice cream.  Heck yes, I would.

So I jumped in the speeder, turned on the satellite radio and listened to Denny call the rest of the game.  And it was amazing.  

Sometimes when you are in a slump you just gotta change things up.  I sat in the speeder outside the ice cream joint and listened to an epic baseball moment.  When I got out to go in and get treats, everything was different.  I wasn’t trying to bury my sadness in sweet creamy goodness.  I was going in to get a delicious victory cigar.

But let me tell you, when I made it back to the house, I fired up the Tivo.  You had better believe I watched the bottom of the 9th, knowing full well everything that was going to happen.  And it was just as good the second time around.  Especially good for the lady stormtrooper, who had gone out of the room to change the baby stormtrooper’s diaper after the first out.

Now we’ll see where a great win like that takes us.  A year ago, Jon Lester was no-hitting the Royals.  This year they were coming back to crush the psyche of anyone and everyone associated with the Cleveland Indians.  Back on Monday, I was calling for the Royals to end the Indian’s season right here and now.  Even I didn’t think they could do it like this.  Nothing is more dibilitating than feeling like you’ve won a game, only to have it ripped from you.

Don’t belive me?  Check out this running thread for Cleveland fans from the game last night. At the top of the page (when the Indians were seeming to walk away with the game) the fans weren’t even talking baseball.  They were talking about whether skunks or ferrets make better pets.  Seriously.  But then the wheels fall off, the F-Bombs start flying and…well…yeah.  They feel all of the things that Royals fans have felt over the past few years.  On the one hand, it’s a funny read because we’re on the winning end.  But it also brings up a lot of painful, painful memories.

What a different experience from Sunday afternoon.  We won that game, but I felt dirty afterward.  Not that we necessarily deserved to win either game, but Sunday was particularly filthy.  Last night was different.  Olivo punking a young buck at the plate, getting him out and dealing some chin music in the process.  DeJesus getting a huge hit even though he’s been slumping.  All the players jumping around at the end of the game, giving the feeling that this could (please, please, please) be a milestone moment in this season.

I don’t know about you, but on days like this I love to read everything I can about the previous nights game.  So soak it all in, because it was good.

Go Blue